Trademarks - Taiwan, Mainland and the Globe.
¡ESearches and Registrations
¡EOppositions, Cancellations, Revocations, Appeals and Litigations.
¡EAssignments, Licenses and Renewals.
¡ELawsuits against Infringement.

Patents - Taiwan, Mainland and the Globe.
¡ESearches and Registrations.
¡EOppositions, Invalidations, Appeals and Litigations.
¡ELicenses and Assignments.
¡ETechnical Analyses, Requesting for Technical Evaluation Reports.
¡EInfringement Judgments, Lawsuits against Infringement.

Legal Consultancy Services - the National and International
¡ECivil Litigations, Criminal Litigations and Related Legal Consultancy.
¡EPerennial Trademark, Patent and Related Legal Consultancy.
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