In 1985, Chien Yeh & Associates started with a humble beginning as a natively born IPR service provider in ROC with a vision to one day become a highly regarded global IPR advisor. Chien Yeh & Associates progressed along with the remarkable economic miracle in Taiwan for the last decades and has now entered a new era of service development, catapulted by our experienced attorneys and conscientious paralegals. Today, Chien Yeh & Associates is committed to providing a wide array of valuable, prompt, and excellent services by which our clients can achieve their success.



  China has been increasingly seen as a crucial market from the eyes of worldwide business entities, and it is clear for them to be kept aware of the fact that IPRs issues concerning their interests have increasingly arisen. Consequently, Chien Yeh & Associates, with extensive experiences and broad knowledge on China’s IPRs system, are focused on providing our clients with the customized services with high quality, whenever our clients seek our advice on IPRs matters regarding the PRC and the ROC.
  We are proud of our accomplishments in the field of IPRs, having received accolade form our prestigious clients from Taiwan, China, and beyond. That is because we are committed to providing the first-rate service wherever we are we are situated, a cornerstone of the unshakeable faith we hold towards our clients.



  Chien Yeh & Associates has formed a global strategic partnership with more than 100 countries around the world. We have as many as 70 countries for regular and targeted cooperation. In addition to cultivating cross-strait trademark affairs, since 1998 Chien Yeh & Associates has joined the International Trademark Association (INTA) and the European Trademark Owners Association (MARQUES). Recently, we have the honor to be admitted to the International Bar Association (IBA) and the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI).
  In 2020, our lawyer Ann Lai was invited by the International Trademark Association to sit on the committee of the INTA Global Advisory Council.


Working as a legal practitioner is an enriching experience while carrying considerable social responsibility.

It is this very noble calling that drove us to be among the privileged few who took on the solemn mission of practicing law and upholding justice on their shoulders.

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