Columns and IP Laws


The following columns expressed in Traditional Chinese only are being issued by our senior partner Dr. Lai. Please kindly oblige us with your comments thereon if any.
1. How to Protect Corporate Secrets in China?
2. The Administrative System of Intellectual Property Rights in China.
3. What Documents are Required for Patent Application Filing in China? Is Representative Agency Necessary for Filing Patent Application?
4. How can the Patent Application in China be Granted by Processing with Substantive Examination?
5. Protection of Patent Rights in China
6. Crucial Tips for Filing Trademark Application in China
7. What’s the Solution if there is the registered trademark conflict or Your Trademark was Registered by Other Party on the Ground of Deceptiveness in China.
8. Something about Geographically Descriptive Trademark in China
9. What are the Differences Between “Famous Trademark” and “Well-Known Trademark”? How to be Deemed as “Famous Trademark” According to the Trademark Laws in China?
10. What Works are Protected by Copyright Law in China? What is the Scope of the Copyright Protection in China? Are There Any Restrictions?
11. The Description of Two-way System of Administration and Jurisdiction in regard to Infringement Matters in China.
12. About Crime of Shamming Registered Trademark and its Criminal Conviction Criteria in China.
13. About Crime of Counterfeiting a Patent and its Criminal Conviction Criteria in China.
14. About Crime of Infringing Copyright and its Criminal Conviction Criteria in China.
15. What Action can be taken if the Counterfeit is found at Exhibition?
16. How Do the Customs Authorities Effect the Protection of Intellectual Property in China?
17. Overview of the Websites in Association with Intellectual Property Rights in China.
18. The Development of Mainland Trademark System and Opinion hereof.
19. How Mainland China handles Disputes of Trademark Infringement.
20. Analysis: A Thorny Task Taiwanese Businessmen Facing in China – Piracy.
21. How Taiwanese Businessmen in China Protect their Companies’ Heads.
22. Well-known Trademark? Famous Trademark? Chinese Famous Brand?
23. You Never Know How Many Cross-Strait Trademark Disputes exist.
24. “德昌(de-chang)” — Toponymy Cannot Be Trademarked: A View on How China Deals with Toponymy Trademark.
25. Something bad in the mark — “雞婆(ji-po)”?
26. Can Religious Things Be Trademarked?
27. Beware: Potential Crises in Trademark Assignment.
28. Report: Revoke “上林 (shang-lin)” Trademark Registration.
29. Chinese Civil War on China Signboard: Traditional or Simplified?
30. Analysis: A Thorny Task Taiwanese Businessmen Facing in China – Piracy. (Subject: Michelle Co., Ltd.)
31. Chinese Export Commodities Fair: How Taiwanese Businessmen Deal with Piracy On-Site.
32. Taiwan Beer: How China Protect Well-Known Trademark.
33. Features on IPR Protection in China.
34. “Chenmapo” vs. “Mapo”.
35. My Mark on Purchased Toy — Is It an Infringement?
36. The First Chinese Domain Name Dispute — “中油(CPC).tw”.

IP Laws

1. Taiwan Trademark Act 2003
2. Taiwan Trademarks Regulations 2003
3. General Information on Taiwan’s Trademark Application
5. Taiwan Patent Act
6. Taiwan Implementing Regulations of the Patent Act
7. General Information on Taiwan’s Patent Application
9. Taiwan Copyright Act
10. Taiwan Integrated Circuit Layout Protection Act
11. Taiwan Examination Guidelines on Likelihood of Confusion
12. Taiwan Main Points for Determining a Well-known Trademark or Mark