Having started as a sheerly native IPR service provider and envisioned becoming a highly-evaluated global IPR advisor, we, Chien Yeh, following along with the remarkable Taiwan economic growth for decades, now have entered into a new era on service development with the help of all our experienced attorneys and conscientious paralegals.

We know what clients need

  Through frequent interactions with our clients, we are able to meet every need on every demand. Due to our abundant experience with IPR affairs and unceasing acquisition of cutting-edge universal IPR information, we have honorably established a multi-and-omni channel to help our clients to get familiar with universal IPR affairs. Also, through extensive comprehension on universal IPR affairs for decades, we are undoubtedly standing in a pioneering position in this expanding IP business field.

  We provide a wide array of valuable, prompt and excellent services by which our clients can achieve their success. Wherever our service is demanded, our service will be tendered. As a result of globalization, Mainland China these years has been intensively deemed as a crucial market from the eyes of worldwide business entities and it is utterly clear for them to be aware of the facts that more issues concerning IPRs has arisen increasingly against interests of their own. As a consequence, we, Chien Yeh, with extensive experiences and board knowledge on China’s IPRs system, focus on providing our clients with the customized services in quality when our clients are involving with the IPRs matters in China and Taiwan. We are proud of our accomplishments in the field of intellectual property rights which are highly praised by our prestigious clients from Taiwan, China and the world. That is because what we are always keeping in mind is wherever we are situated, providing first-rate service is our unshakable faith we hold toward our clients.

  We believe that every client is expecting an agent with full-scale expertise to be of a great assistance to collect, to coordinate and to analyze their personalized IPR affairs and related information. In view of this requirement, we are confident to say that our clients can see our full commitment in their needs, which always remains in our mind.