Attorney at Law/ IP Senior Consultant

Educational background:
Bachelor degree, Peking University; Master degree, China University of Political Science and Law

Personal Introduction:
Mr. Chen is a practicing lawyer in China, founder of ANDU & PARTNERS and also a practicing lawyer of Yingke Law Firm. Proficient in laws, regulations, and policies in the field of Intellectual Property Rights, he is skilled at utilizing the IPR system guiding businesses on how to operate and is able to offer integrated IPR proposals to enterprises. Mr. Chen has extensive practical experience in dealing with IPR disputes. Also, he provides companies with brand arrangements and strategies worldwide, brand evaluation and monitoring services; maintaining trademark applications/registrations; handling trademark disputes; assisting businesses in dealing with trademark litigations between enterprises.

Mr. Chen has accumulated substantial experiences in dealing with complicated trademark cases such as “Founder”, “Liuyang Fireworks”, “Gujing”, “NEWMAN”, “Anhua Brick Tea”, “Dangshan”, “Duck King”, “Taiwan Beer”, “85 degrees”, “KATEMOSS”, “Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor “, “Gujing Gong Year Puree” and so on. Furthermore, all the cases pertaining to verification of well-known trademarks prepared by him passed the official’s examination and obtained allowance of well-known trademarks. Also, he handled litigation for trademark “中聯重科” covering “Financial services”. Some of the above-mentioned cases have been elected and listed as typical cases of the Supreme People’s Court and of the Beijing High Court.