Attorney at Law/ IP Senior Consultant


Lawrence’s practice focuses primarily on criminal and civil litigation, the infringement of intellectual property, and disputes over insurance transactions and medical malpractice.

Prior to practicing law, Lawrence had been a prosecutor of Taiwan New Taipei District Prosecutors Office for 10 years. He, with the extensive experience in litigation, is featured as a litigator having fierce focus and keen attention to subtle detail capable of reversing the results. Drawing upon legal theories and comparative law, he tends to challenge current obsolete decisions to create situations in favor of clients.

During his career as a prosecutor, Lawrence had a significant victory in a Taiwan food scandal case concerning toxic food additive. He was thus publicly praised by the Minister of Justice.
Recently, as a legal advisor of Institute for Information Industry (I.I.I.) and an instructor of Taiwan Insurance Institute (T.I.I.), he is working closely with I.I.I. to shape an appropriate legal framework for FinTech innovators.

In 2019 and 2020, Lawrence served as the Head of Dispute Resolution Department, Financial Ombudsman Institute(F.O.I.). In the position, he made big contributions to shape the landscape of financial consumers protection.